I’m laying there in the dark, eyes closed, and my body feels like its getting smashed into the mattress from the weight of all the things swirling in my mind…..and then I hear it…’MAAAM! MAMA! MAAAM!’ The sound causes an instant deep sigh to leave m body, sinking my further into the mattress.  Sometimes I wonder how mothers seem to get by and even thrive with what feels like a lifetime of sleep deprivation, all while it seems to be a common technique to break terrorists.welcome
Hi there! My name is Nicole and I am a mother to three delightful children who are constantly testing me and growing me, just as much as I am trying to grow them.  I have a passion for adventure and a niche for colorful language.  You’ll never find parenting (or any other topic) expertise here, only my honest and transparent experiences as I move through the biggest adventure of all.



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