Kiwi Crate

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A Kiwi, is a flightless bird, a little bird, with big dreams and intentions but just couldn’t get that shit off the ground.  Now it’s unlikely that Kiwi Co picked it’s mascot for that symbolism, but it couldn’t be closer to accurate for me.  As a Maaam with big dreams and intentions of creating crafty DI-WHY’s to facilitate learning for my kids at home, I can’t ever seem to get that shit off the ground.

Kiwicrates3A few weeks ago a friend shared a discount code for Kiwi Crate on her Facebook for 50% off (not valid anymore sorry!), and I figured why not.  We ordered our first Kiwi Crate – the Koala line for my two boys 2 & 4.  It arrived quickly and included free shipping.  We opened the box excitedly and dug right in.  Inside the box was a little booklet that explained how rainbows work by using some cute characters in a fun story, along with three different rainbow orientated crafts requiring varying levels of Maaam involvement and supervision.

Rainbow craftThe boys had so much fun with the contents I decided to order one for my 10 year old daughter.  We found another coupon code and ordered the Kiwi line, and again found it to be wonderfully educating and entertaining! Each crate includes step by step directions on how to complete the craft or project, which helps kiddos build skills for following directions.

Whether you are a child education guru or a Kiwi like me, I promise you’ll love the Kiwi crate lines.  You can use this link to get $10 off your first crate (which is basically 50%) plus free shipping when you sign up with them.  (TIP: if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get a code for 30% off). If you have tried other lines from Kiwi Crate I would love to hear how you liked them .


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