The Battle at Breakfast Hill

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‘Uh, no you can’t just eat toast.’ ‘If you want cereal at least put some milk in it!’ ‘What do you mean you don’t like eggs?!? You ate them yesterday!’ Are just a few of the statements I feel like I repeat EVERY morning in the Groundhogs day breakfast time-loop. Based on the food choices my kids would make, despite my good intentions for educating them on well rounded nutrition, you would think they are allergic to anything with a decent level of protein.

Entrée protein pancake mix by Kodiak Cakes: Whomever first realized you could cleverly hide protein in the form of a starchy breakfast treat Must have been the mother of carb crazed toddler demanding a sweet and sugary breakfast.

Kodiak Cakes protein packed power cakes aren’t just for pancakes, they make excellent waffles as well. The kiddos love sweet, but this mama is a savory kind of lady. One of my favorite ways to use the mix is with an extra egg, a heaping handful of cheese and chives, toss it in the waffle iron, and finish it with a dollop of sour cream and hot sauce.

The kids love the mix made with fresh berries, chocolate chips, or an extra dash of cinnamon.

Exactly how much protein you get out of the cakes is really up to you. These nutritional facts are based on using only water, but adding an egg or two and some milk will bump that up even more. The carbohydrates are still high- so these would not be a good choice if you are on a low-carb diet, but for us it’s more about getting some protein in the kids in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “The Battle at Breakfast Hill

  1. We too eat protein for breakfast as much as possible. My daughter is a carb queen so it’s challenging. 😊

    The only thing g I don’t like about this product is the almost 400mg of sodium. I sometimes make my own protein enriched batter, maybe I’ll blog about it at some point.


    1. 16% of the DV can seem high, but sodium often gets a bad rap and is a needed nutrient in little active bodies. Since my kids prefer berries or a a dash of cinnamon to their mix I don’t personally worry about the sodium for them. For me when I am adding cheese to make a savory waffle, then I’m watching a little more closely at how much batter I’m actually eating.

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