Dear Lonely Mama

Dear Lonely Mama,

I see you. In the drop off line at school, in the grocery store, at sports practices,  at the playground; an island in a sea of people, maybe you don’t know them or maybe you are standing amidst waves of family and friends.

I feel you. That empty ache in the middle of your chest as the world seems to fly by around you in some sort of other dimension. Inside you are screaming for validation, for love, for attention in some other capacity than a mother.

Where are you? You show up to school events, play dates, family meet ups, but you are not really there.

Dear Lonely Mama, I see you, because I have been you, more than once, as have many other mamas.  Being a mother is not something that you can fully prepare for, each experience never exactly the same, yet it’s almost guaranteed you will find someone who has been where you have been and lived to see the other side.  Women were not meant to venture through this journey alone, and I don’t necessarily mean accompanied by men, but accompanied by other mothers.  This is why the ‘tribe’ is so important.  It can be difficult to pry yourself from your shell if you are not naturally extroverted, plus finding other mom friends can sometimes feel more difficult than dating!! Look for a group of moms who enjoy doing similar things you do, who are inviting and accepting with a ‘come as you are policy’, and know it could potentially take a few month before you stop feeling lonely, but if you continue to go it will happen for you.

Dear Lonely Mama, go forth, find your tribe, and no matter what do not let them go.


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