Living that Prime Life

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I’m pretty sure if I was a transformer I would be Amazon Prime.  My love affair with Amazon Prime began post birth of my first son; I had left my traditional job, and was sitting day after day trapped half shirtless under a newborn while the big kid was at school, thinking about all the little things I needed to run out and get.

As Amazon Prime has evolved and grown over the years so has our use of it. Here are my top three favorite parts of living the Prime life

1. Free 2 Day Shipping

Amazon Prime offers thousands of products that are ‘Prime’ and will ship to your door in 2 days or less for free. Obviously it’s not exactly free, as you are paying for a service, but you can easily get beyond your money’s worth. For certain household items like toilet paper or dish soap that I notice we are running out of, I don’t need to make an entire trip to the store where I will end up buying more stuff than I plan.

The few times I had a package not arrive on time, I messaged Amazon and asked how they planned to rectify the situation, they usually offer to extend my Prime membership by one month for free or a movie rental. Am I that ‘entitled ‘ to be upset that my package doesn’t arrive in two days or less? No, but I am that penny pinching that I will try to get freebies when I can!

(Check out this link for a free one month trial to Amazon Prime!)

2. Ease of gifting

Your front door isn’t the only place you can have a package shipped in two days with Prime! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and my personal favorite teacher gifts, can all be bought and sent to the recipients address through Prime. You are able to add in a little note for free, and their gift wrap options are superb and not the usual cheap wrapping. Amazon generally uses gorgeous bags that can be reused by the recipient over and over!

Amazon Prime itself is a great gift idea for anyone! Check out this link on how to give the gift of Prime.

3. Prime Video

Prime video is a video streaming service offered through Prime with a large variety of ‘Prime’ included television shows and movie. It also has television shows and movies that are rentable and purchasable in various definition versions and for varying lengths. If your purchase or rent a show or movie on one device it is available to view on all your Amazon Prime Video devices including Kindles. If you have a kindle that allows for Prime Video, you can even download the show or movie so it’s watchable when you aren’t able to connect to WiFi (can you say road trip savior??).

Amazon has many other services it offers, but unfortunately for the MAAAM we don’t live in an area where Amazon will deliver wine to my house in an hour.


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