Kindle Unlimited

*This article uses affiliate links…because grad school isn’t free and the pole isn’t for me…but I only review and promote products I genuinely love and use personally.

It’s no secret I love Amazon and living that prime life! But there are even more services you can get through Amazon that are just as awesome. One of the most used services by my family is Kindle Unlimited.


Before children and before grad school, I could seriously put some books down (or more like I couldn’t put them down!). I would read everything from trashy romance to complicated SciFi novels all the way to self-improvement books. But then that mom life happened, between chasing wildlings and having to study textbooks, I simply did not have time to read like I used to.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered Kindle Unlimited.  Kindle Unlimited is a subscription through Amazon that gives my family and I access to a million plus eBooks and thousands of audio books. You can use the same membership on multiple devices, so you only need one per family, and probably one of my favorite features, you don’t have to own a kindle to use Kindle Unlimited. I personally downloaded the Kindle app and use it on my phone.


Using the Kindle app on my phone has opened up a whole new world of reading for this mama.  I download books I want to read (SO many options included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription), and then it’s right there on my phone, in my hand! When I am putting the kiddos to bed and laying next to the littlest at night, I can get through a few pages of a book. Or when we have our beach dinner picnics and the kids are running around the playground, I bask in the California sun and read a few pages then too.  I totally understand for extreme book lovers, that feel of holding a book and turning those paper pages, but that’s not always realistic for the busy mama on the go.


Kindle Unlimited is great for kids as well.  My daughter can download from an almost overwhelming option of books. Since she can often power through a book every couple of days, having Kindle Unlimited on her kindle saves us from a mountain of books that would no doubt become a lost in her black hole of a room.

Between her and I we easily made the subscription worth the cost in less than a month.  While the boys don’t read yet, I read books to them from my phone, and they very much enjoy listening to audio books.  During our recent weekly pilgrimages to Yuma to visit the DAAAD it has been great to have audio books as an option.

Kindle Unlimited offers a variety of plan options, 6, 12, and 24 months.  If you are a book lover, and especially a busy book lover, I highly recommend checking this subscription service out to help you get back in touch with literature.



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