Yuma Castle Park

We first discovered the “Castle Park” on one of my long runs during a weekend visiting the DAAAD in Yuma AZ. It is one of the kids and my favorite playgrounds, so much that we recently stopped there on a drive home from Tucson.

The Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground ( or as we refer to it the Castle Park, and easy to see why) was crafted in 2007 through community collaboration and a sizable donation from a close friend of the late Stewart Vincent Wolfe. Stewart Vincent Wolfe was well known by his family and friends as a family man who loved children, so it seems a befitting memorial to him.

I recently learned that the playground had been destroyed some years back by an arson fire, but once again the ‘Yuman’ citizens came together (with some help from insurance money) to rebuild it.

The playground as a whole is fenced in and has security cameras watching it. Non parents may find this creepy, but for me it takes a level of stress off that comes with going to a large playground with multiple children. It by no means equates to not watching ones child, but I think you get the point.

A dirt path encompasses the main play area, which offers a variety of levels from big kid play down to a tot lot inside. This playground really embraces the concept of open play and encourage use of imagination. Inside the main castle is a maze of steps and passageways with no single right or wrong way. Another one of my favorite things is the variety of musical features; no matter how fiercely your child may bang away, they seem to only produce soothing sounds.

Should you ever find yourself in Yuma Arizona, whether visiting or passing through, this park is WELL worth the visit!


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