Rose Stamps- Using lettuce!

*This article uses affiliate links…because grad school isn’t free and the pole isn’t for me…but I only review and promote products I genuinely love and use personally.

Looking for a super easy and versatile craft to do with the kids? Try out Rose stamps from lettuce ends!

During the warmer months of the year (which is most months where we live) we tend to eat a TON of salad, at the end of every night I’m left with several ends from the romaine lettuce and tossing them in the trash always felt like a bit of a waste. Looks like there are a few different things I can do with the ends, one is to grow more lettuce, which I might try, and another is to use them as stamps to create roses.  The stamps can be used for craft time with the kids or taken up a notch and used for wrapping paper or even greeting cards.

You will need:

Card stock (regular paper is too flimsy)


Metallic marker

The end of some romaine lettuce


Now the process is relatively simple, and I love my readers so I’m not going to make you skim through a 500 word story about some BS when you really just want the nitty gritty DI-Why:

Place some paint onto a plate, You can use paper or a regular plate and scrub the paint off before it dries

Place the romaine lettuce end into the paint and press down firmly, then press down firmly on the paper. My first print I did not press down firmly enough and the center did not come out at all.

Once you’ve tested it out a few times, you can press down a single rose on your paper.  Then take your metallic green pen and draw a quick squiggle down and a leaf to create a single rose.  You could also make a bouquet, the possibilities are endless!







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